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How do I enroll in DUO Security?

In order to log into Ookami, you are required to use DUO security to authenticate. DUO is a two-step login application used across Stony Brook University that provides an additional layer of security for your Ookami account by asking you to confirm your login attempt via a push notification on your smart phone.

Please check your email for a personalized invitation allowing you to enroll with DUO if you have not enrolled already. Please click the link in your email and follow this article on the DUO enrollment process.  It is recommended that you enroll two devices in DUO.

The Division of Information Technology offers the DUO service page, which can be referred to for additional information regarding this service.

If you have already enrolled in DUO to use other campus services, you do not need to reenroll and can accept Ookami DUO notifications with the device you are already using.