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Following publications are related to Ookami:


  1. VPIC 2.0: Next Generation Particle-in-Cell Simulations; Bird, Tan, Luedtke, Harrell, Taufer, Albright; 2021
  2. Ookami: Deployment and Initial Experiences; Burford, Calder, Carlson, Chapman, Coskun, Curtis, Feldman, Harrison, Kang, Michalowicz, Raut, Siegmann, Wood, Deleon, Jones, Simakov, White, Oryspayev; PEARC '21

  3. Comparing the behavior of OpenMP Implementations with various Applications on two different Fujitsu A64FX platforms; Michalowicz, Raut, Kang, Curtis, Oryspayev, Chapman; PEARC '21
  4. MoB2 under Pressure: Superconducting Mo Enhanced by Boron; Quan, Lee, Pickett; 2021
  5. A64FX performance: experience on Ookami; Shahneous Bari, Chapman, Curtis,  Harrison, Siegmann, Simakov, Jones; 2021
  6. Porting and Evaluation of a Distributed Task-driven Stencil-based Application; Raut, Anderson, Araya-Polo, Meng;  PMAM 2021
  7. Comparing OpenMP Implementations with Applications Across A64FX Platforms; Michalowicz, Raut, Kang, Curtis, Chapman, Oryspayev;  IWOMP 2021
  8. Educating HPC users in the use of advanced computing technology; Siegmann, Calder, Feldman, Harrison; SC'21 EduHPC
  9. Experiences with Porting the FLASH Code to Ookami, an HPE Apollo 80 A64FX Platform; Feldman, Michalowicz, Siegmann, Curtis, Calder, Harrison; HPC Asia 2022
  10. OpenSHMEM Active Message Extension for Task-Based Programming; Lu, Curtis, Chapman; 2022
  11. Analysis of Vector Particle-In-Cell (VPIC) memory usage optimizations on cutting-edge computer architectures; Tan, Bird, Chen,  Luedtke, Albright, Taufer; Journal of Computational Science; 2022
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  15. Quantum calcium-ion affective influences measured by EEG; Ingber; 2022
  16. Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computing: Applications to Statistical Mechanics of Neocortical Interactions; Ingber; 2021
  17. Exploring Source-to-Source Compiler Transformation of OpenMP SIMD Constructs for Intel AVX and Arm SVE Vector Architectures; Flynn, Yi, Yan; The 13th International Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores be held in conjunction with PPoPP 2022
  18. FOURST: A code generator for FFT-based fast stencil computations; Ahmad, Javanmard, Croisdale, Gregory, Ganapathi, Pouchet, Chowdhury; 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS), pp. 99-108
  19. Friends and foes: Sinophobia was viral in Chinese language communities on Twitter during the early COVID-19 pandemic; Zhang, Lin, Wang, Fan; 2022
  20. Developing Accurate Slurm Simulator; Simakov, Deleon, Lin, Hoffmann, Mathias; PEARC'22
  21. On Using Linux Kernel Huge Pages with FLASH, an Astrophysical Simulation Code; Calder, Feldman, Siegmann, Dey, Curtis, Chheda, Harrison; IEEE Cluster - EAHPC Workshop 2022
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  23. Bring the BitCODE - Moving Compute and Data in Distributed Heterogeneous Systems; Lu, Pena, Shamis, Churavy, Chapman, Poole; 2022
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  25. Assessing the State of Autovectorization Support based on SVE; Brank, Pleiter; IEEE Cluster, EAHPC Workshop 2022
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  27. OpenMP Advisor; Mishra, Malik, Lin, Chapman; 2023
  28. Modern server ARM processors for supercomputers: A64FX and others. Initial data of benchmarks; Kuzminsky; 2022
  29. Examining the Connectivity of Antarctic Krill on the West Antarctic Peninsula: Implications for Pygoscelis Penguin Biogeography and Population Dynamics; Gallagher, Dinniman, Lynch; 2023
  30. Are we ready for broader adoption of ARM in the HPC community: Performance and Energy Efficiency Analysis of Benchmarks and Applications Executed on High-End ARM Systems; Simakov, Deleon, White, Jones, Furlani, Siegmann,  Harrison; HPC Asia 2023
  31. Performance Study on CPU-based Machine Learning with PyTorch; Chheda, Curtis, Siegmann, Chapman; HPC Asia 2023
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  39. Cyberinfrastructure for Sustainability Sciences; Song, Merwade, Wang, Witt, Kumar, Irwin, Zhao, Walton; 2023



  1. Pure Deflagrations of Hybrid CONe White Dwarf Progenitors; C. Feldman, D. Willcox, D. Townsley, A. Calder; AAS; 2021


Other publications

  1. Kernel module for the A64FX hardware barrier
  2. PEARC 2022 - Birds of a feather session: NSF innovative computing technology testbed community exchange