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How to get a project on Ookami.

The following lists all approved project requests on Ookami.


  1. 3D Simulations of Pure Deflagrations of Hybrid White Dwarf Progenitors
  2. Metrics for High Performance Computing Applications and Platforms: Performance and Reliability
  3. Graph Analytics and Combinatorial Kernels (GRACE)
  4. Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) Readiness
  5. OpenSHMEM
  6. SPEC
  7. The Large Scale Image Classification Benchmark
  8. Evaluating A64FX Using NCAR Weather and Climate Benchmarks
  9. Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Response
  10. Performance and Portability Evaluation of HPC Application Software on A64FX
  11. Software performance optimization through Parallelware tools for Fujitsu A64fx Processor
  12. OpenMP in LLVM (llvm-openmp)
  13. Porting Octo-Tiger, an astrophysics program simulating the evolution of star systems based on the fast multipole method on adaptive Octrees
  14. gearshifft
  15. Optimizing Stencil Applications with Bricks on A64FX
  16. UCX
  17. Adaptive Physics Refinement Models for Simulating Cancer Cells
  18. Advanced Deep Learning with ARM
  19. Scalable Hierarchical Algorithms for Preconditioning Large-Scale Sparse and Data-Sparse Systems
  20. Siesta in OOKAMI
  21. TOTAL
  22. Porting and Evaluating the Performance Engineering Tools OSACA and LIKWID on OOKAMI
  23. WarpX - an advanced electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell code - on A64FX
  24. Electron-phonon coupling on a fine grid
  25. Testing and Porting ALMA and CGYRO to A64FX architecture
  26. The AMReX Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Framework
  27. Improving Performance of Lossy Compression for Extreme-scale Scientific Applications on A64FX
  28. Magnetized Massive StarWinds with Ookami
  29. Hybrid Classical-Quantum Fitting Attention States to Statistical Mechanics of Neocortical Interactions
  30. Characterizing and Improving Containerized HPC Applications Performance on Fujitsu A64FX Architecture
  31. MIT General Circulation Model Performance Tuning on ARM64 v8 SVE
  32. Analysis of the Linear Algebra in the Number Field Sieve Algorithm
  33. Benchmarking for Quantum Resource Estimation
  34. Climate and weather models on A64FX
  35. Microbial marker identification as a model for early Alzheimer’s diagnosis
  36. Mathematics of Arrays (MoA) Dense GEMM
  37. Fiscal Space with Defaultable Public Debt
  38. Lagrangian Particle Models and Simulations
  39. Production quality Ecosystem for Programming and Executing eXtremescale Applications (EPEXA)
  40. Vertical Structure of Oceanic Mesoscale Mixing
  41. FFT-based Fast Stencil Computations
  42. HEP Software Performance on Ookami – Phase 1) Porting
  43. Particle-in-cell Simulation of Neutrino Flavor Transformation
  44. Next-generation Models for the Event Horizon Telescope
  45. WRF performance on OOKAMI
  46. High precision conguration interaction calculations on A64FX
  47. Evaluation of OpenMP SIMD Transformation for ARM SVE
  48. Deep Learning Click and Recommendation Models for Supporting Complex Search Tasks
  49. Performance testing for common research applications and preliminary development