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How do I get a project on Ookami?

Starting in October 2022 Ookami will be  an XSEDE level 2 service provider.
Existing testbed projects will still  have access, though at reduced priority.

Two types of projects are available:

  • Testbed --- for porting and tuning software, benchmarking, and limited production science/engineering calculations to demonstrate capability.  Such projects will be the primary activity for the first two project years and are expected to typically use significantly less than 15,000 node hours per year so that we can accommodate many users.  Test bed projects for industrial users will be supported at no charge from the Stony Brook discretionary  allocation.
  • Production --- for production science/engineering calculations.  Such projects are expected to typically use significantly less than 150K node hours per year and will have lower priority access than testbed projects for the first two project years. Production projects for industrial users will be charged at cost for resources and services used, and applicants should contact for more information.

Project requests:

  • Will be made public on our website if approved.
  • Are renewed annually by submitting a brief report including a summary of activities, personnel, presentations, publications, and associated federal funding.
  • May support multiple users.
  • Are submitted as PDF attachments through IACS Account Requests at
  • Can be submitted by any staff/faculty at any university, institute, or company worldwide, excluding ITAR prohibited countries and restricted parties on the EAR entity list. Students should have a faculty member at their institution make a request on their behalf.  Priority is currently given to testbed project requests from US entities.
  • Your request will be reviewed by a committee. If approved, a project number will be sent to the email address provided in the submission.  If we're not able to accommodate you, we'll follow up with you and figure out a solution.

Format for project requests:

  • PDF
  • Should be no longer than two pages, including graphics and references.
  • Requests should provide the following information:
  1. Title
  2. Identify the project as testbed or production, as described above.
  3. Principal investigator name, university/company/institute name, mailing address including country, phone number, email address.
  4. The names and email addresses of initial project users (once the project is allocated, new users will need to apply for accounts).
  5. Usage Description: A brief description of your project, course, or other use case that justifies your access to Ookami.  Detailed technical information is not necessary.
  6. Computational Resources:  Provide an estimate of (a) total node hours per year, (b) the size (nodes) and duration (hours) for a typical batch job, and (c) disk space (home, project, scratch) see Ookami storage policies.
  7. Personnel Resources: Please indicate if you need assistance in porting/tuning, or training for your users.
  8. Required software to be provided by the system, resources permitting.
  9. If your research is supported by US federal agencies, please provide the agency and grant number(s).
  10.  Production projects should provide an additional 1-2 pages of documentation about how (a) the code has been tuned to perform well on A64FX (ideally including benchmark data comparing performance with other architectures such as x86 or GPUs), (b) it can make effective use of the key A64FX architectural features (notably SVE, the high-bandwidth memory, and NUMA characteristics), and (c) it can accomplish the scientific objectives within the available 32 Gbyte memory per node.

Word Template

LaTeX Template

Each user in your group will need a Stony Brook NetID and an Ookami account to access the cluster. If your project has been approved, you will receive a project number that can be used by other researchers in your group to request Ookami access.