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Ookami Queues / Partitions

There are several queues available on Ookami. The queues are managed by the Slurm scheduling software. Six of the eight Ookami queues use the same 48 core A64FX nodes so your choice among these queues depends on the length of time needed to run your job. The milan-64core provides acess to a single AMD Rome node (64 cores) with 512GB memory  and the skylake-36core queue provides access to a single Intel Skylake node (36 cores) with 192 GB memory.

Queue Time Limit Min Nodes Max Nodes CPU Architecture
short 4 hours 1 32 A64FX
medium 12 hours 8 40 A64FX
large 8 hours 24 80 A64FX
long 2 days 1 8 A64FX
extended 7 days 1 2 A64FX
all-nodes 4 hours 81 174 A64FX
milan-64core  1 day 1 1 AMD Milan
skylake-36core 1 day 1 1 Intel Skylake

You can also check the queues using

sinfo -s

Note that slurm has to be loaded.

To enable a fair use of the cluster there are two restrictions in place:

  • The maximum number of nodes a user can use at the same time is 120 (the all-nodes queue is excluded from this restriction to allow for full system runs)
  • The maximum number of nodes a user can use at the same time in the extended queue is 28.