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Ookami storage policies

There is a 0.8 Pbyte high-performance, Lustre file system, which is divided into home, project, and scratch areas. The home and project areas are backed up daily.

  • All users on Ookami have their own home directory which is accessible only by them.  The default size is 30 Gbyte, but an increase can be requested.
  • Upon request from the project's PI, each project will be granted a shared (project) directory, accessible only to project members. The default is 1TB, which can be increased to multiple terabytes. Project directories larger than 8 TB (1% of available storage) will have to renew their requests annually and be prepared to move their data if space becomes limited. Large project directories may not be backed up.
  • The scratch directory has no quota, but has a policy of deleting files older than two weeks.  There is a limit on the total number of files a user can create per directory.  This space is NOT backed up.  



Location Size Backed Up? Shareable? Cleared?
/lustre/home/<netid> 30GB Yes No never
/lustre/scratch/<netid> 30TB No No 30 days
/lustre/projects/<your_group>*  up to 8TB Yes** Yes per request

*Project directories are granted upon request from the group's PI 

**Some large project directories may not be backed up