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Ookami storage policies

There is a 0.8 Pbyte high-performance, Lustre file system, which is divided into home, project, and scratch areas. The home and project areas are backed up daily.

Home Directory

  • All users on Ookami have their own home directory which is accessible only by them. The default size is 30 Gbyte, but an increase can be requested.

Scratch Directory

  • The scratch directory has no quota, but has a policy of deleting files older than 30 days. There is a limit on the total number of files a user can create per directory. This space is NOT backed up.

Project Space

  • Upon request from the project's PI, each project will be granted a shared (project) directory, accessible only to project members. The default is 1TB, which can be increased to multiple terabytes. Project directories larger than 8 TB (1% of available storage) will have to renew their requests annually and be prepared to move their data if space becomes limited. Large project directories may not be backed up.


Location Size Backed Up? Shareable? Cleared?
/lustre/home/<netid> 30GB Yes No never
/lustre/scratch/<netid> 30TB No No 30 days
/lustre/projects/<your_group>*  up to 8TB Yes** Yes per request

*Project directories are granted upon request from the group's PI 

**Some large project directories may not be backed up