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Remote Assistance Procedure

Please note: the following steps should only be followed after submitting a ticket and being requested to grant remote access by the HPC support team.

For hard-to-solve problems on the Ookami cluster, you can grant the HPC Support team remote access to troubleshoot the issue. This will give us access to a session with your login, allowing us to access your files, and test the issue with your specific environment. You will need the ticket number from an open support ticket. Please be sure to mention in the ticket that you have requested a remote support session.

On Ookami, run the following commands:

module load shared
module load remote-assistance
request-support -t TICKET_NUMBER 

This will create a temporary session which the HPC Support team can use to troubleshoot your issue from your account.

You can cancel this session at any time with

request-support --cancel