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Strategic Planning Committee 



Strategic Planning develops, revises, and monitors implementation of OLLI's long-range strategic plan, and develops and implements a fund-raising plan to assure adequate funding for those plans. The Immediate Past President shall serve as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and the Finance Chair shall be an ex officio member.



  • Review the OLLI mission statement
  • Develop ideas for growth and improvement
  • Come up with strategies to achieve said growth and improvement



  • Assess current program data, and seek additional data where needed
  • Set priorities, inclusive of short and long term goals
  • Create a timeline 
  • The committee will utilize collected information to develop a five-year plan, along with a financial projection.
  • Identify key performance indicators and plan to use them to track the progress against the goals set in place
  • communicate the strategic plan to the entire organization
  • Create visual aids for communication of information to our stakeholders
  • This will keep the entire membership invested in the organization and provide opportunities to contribute to the successes of the overall plan.
  • Assign specific tasks directly related to the strategic plan to staff members responsible for the achievement of the success
  • Assess staff member performance of tasks
  • Monitor the performance of the strategic plan, evaluate and assess the timeline monthly to stay on track.
  • At the end of each fiscal year, staff will review the committee’s achievements and success and schedule time to build on that success by conducting strategic planning for the next year. 


6 Pillars of Strategic Planning:

  1. OLLI Research
  2. Finance & Fundraising
  3. Future OLLI Programming
  4. Stony Brook Southampton
  5. Marketing & Advertising
  6. Main Campus Assessment
As per the OLLI at SBU by-laws (revised 2021) The Immediate Past President of the OLLI Executive Council shall serve as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.
2021-2022 Chair: Jothi Curcio
2022-2023 Chair: Mary Hance

2023-2024 Chair: Ella Nyc

Sub Committee # 1, OLLI Research:
  • Jothi Curcio
  • Paul Mohan
  • Sheryl Sessa
  • Breanne Delligatti
Sub Committee # 2, Finance & Fundraising:
  • Helen Emmerich
  • John Gobler
  • Ed Metzendorf
  • Diane Perillo
Sub Committee # 3, Future OLLI Programming:
  • Jackie Day
  • Karen DiPaola
  • Caroline Kiang
  • Breanne Delligatti
Sub Committee # 4, Stony Brook Southampton:
  • Carol Gambrell
  • Fran Lieboff
  • Sue Parlatore
  • Diane Perillo
Sub Committee # 5, Marketing & Advertising:
  • Doreen Day
  • Ella Nyc
  • Jay Zuckerman
  • Breanne Delligatti
Sub Committee # 6, SBU Main Campus Assessment:
  • Jerry Ebenstein
  • Mary Hance
  • Sue Mruz
  • Diane Perillo