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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with the nomination of candidates who can commit to serve the terms of office for the annual election and elections to fill vacancies of OLLI officers and Members-at-Large.   

It's that time of year when we open up the call for leadership opportunities within OLLI at SBU. All members are eligible to apply for a position within the OLLI Advisory Board.   As a leader of OLLI at Stony Brook University, you will have an opportunity to work directly with the OLLI at SBU Advisory Board, OLLI Office, & School of Professional Development to shape OLLI's future.

Please be aware that there may be changes in the election process pending updates to the current policies and procedures, which may lead to an addition or removal of open positions.

The following positions are open for terms that begin on July 1, 2021:

1. President Elect

2. Secretary

3. Member at Large

4. Member at Large

For more information on joining the Nominating Committee, please contact the following chairperson.


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  Tony Parlatore

  Chairperson of 2021



The 2021 Nominating Committee members are:

  • Jackie Day 
  • Barbara Pollack
  • Gene Sprouse
  • Breanne Delligatti
If you are interested in learning more about any of the above positions or have any questions, please contact Tony Parlatore, Committee Chair tonyparl@aol.comand/or Breanne Delligatti, OLLI at SBU Program Director