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Graduate Audition Guidelines and Dates

NOTE:  Please check back here in Fall 2022 for the most accurate audition information for Fall 2023 Admissions.

Below you will find each studio listed, with the following information for each:  Audition Date, Audition Repertoire, and the format of the audition (in person, recording, etc.).

IF the studio is allowing a recorded audition, please note the following:

1) You can have one recording that contains all pieces, or have separate recordings for each piece.  It is okay if you do not use a piano accompanist if the piece normally calls for one.  Editing within a movement is not acceptable.

2) If you have one recording with all pieces, name the file this way: ‚Äúaudition.‚Ä̬† If you have recordings for each piece, name each file this way: ‚Äúaudition_name of piece.‚ÄĚ

3) Upload the recording to the Digital Portfolio of your application.  Be sure to upload this by your studio’s audition date (see below).

Please note: each studio will contact you regarding any additional communication they may wish to have with you, such as an interview or sample lesson.

Any questions regarding audition repertoire should be directed to the studio.  A list of faculty is on our website here (click on the person’s name to see their contact email):


The Master of Music (MM)

Masters applicants who live more than 250 miles from New York City may submit a live recording.  See below under Audition Requirements for the specific repertoire requirements for each instrumental or vocal area.

Audio-Visual recordings are encouraged, though audio-only is acceptable.  All application recordings must be submitted through Slate.  Please go to our Application page to access the Slate link.

The Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

All doctoral auditions are expected to be live. A recorded audition may be considered only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the audition committee.  All live auditions are to be held at Stony Brook University.

Pre-Screening Recordings

Pre-Screening recordings are required for these areas: Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Jazz, Violin and Voice. See below under Audition Requirements for the specific repertoire requirements for each instrumental or vocal area.  Pre-screen recordings must be submitted by December 10, 2021.  

Audio-Visual recordings are encouraged, though audio-only is acceptable.  Submit required pre-screening recordings through Slate. Please go to our Application page to access the Slate link.

Audition Requirements