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Graduate Jazz Study at Stony Brook

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Jazz Program at Stony Brook

The Masters and Doctorate programs in Jazz Studies endeavor to assist the next generations of Jazz Artists in finding and developing their unique voices. The deep well of creativity in African-American music in its totality is our base. The visionary artists of this tradition have spread jazz language and artistic practice across the globe, and with improvisation at its core numerous world musics are now essential parts of jazz methodology. Since the Jazz artist is typically a composer, an improviser, and a performer, our program concentrates on developing all three of these aspects of the art. We work closely with the student in developing their personal voice, while extending the range of their expressive skills. The legacy of this music includes spiritual uplift, celebration, freedom, intellectual inquiry, and experimentation. As a faculty, we work on this practice with the students, reflecting the collective core of this music’s essence.


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