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The Department of Music at Stony Brook University has grown into a remarkable musical institution, with a highly respected international reputation. Stony Brook is unique for a number of reasons: our distinguished faculty, the flexible and interdisciplinary graduate programs, a balanced student-to-faculty ratio, and the University’s proximity to New York City. However, the true character of the department lies in its atmosphere: professional, collaborative, and innovative. Our graduate students are treated as fellow professionals and are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility in the day-to-day operations of our department. Graduate students organize concerts, provide administrative and technical support, teach courses, and coach undergraduate lessons. Some of this work is required, either as part of a degree, a graduate teaching assistantship, or a work-study assignment, but students are encouraged to design and create new events and programs that will enhance and diversify their experiences during their time at Stony Brook. Many of the most exciting events at Stony Brook - for example, the New York City concert series and Canadian tour by our Contemporary Chamber Players – were developed from student initiatives. This spirit of enterprise, collaboration, and mutual support among students and faculty builds a musical community which nurtures and empowers our students, and prepares them for careers as professional musicians and educators.

Stony Brook's graduate programs attract students from all over the world. Our alumni have attained positions at major universities or orchestras and many are pursuing successful solo and freelance careers in New York City as well as other major artistic centers. The fact that Stony Brook alumni frequently send their own students to Stony Brook speaks to the impact this school has had on their musical careers. We invite you to become part of our community. 

All Inquiries about Graduate Studies in the Music Department at Stony Brook University should be sent to: