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  • Applying to the IEC

    Applying to the IEC

    Before you start your application there are a few things you should know (please read carefully):

    1.  Students should NOT apply to more than one term at a time (for example, if you want to come for summer and fall, you only need to apply for summer.)  Multiple applications will only slow the process and delay your acceptance and I-20.

    2.  The $60 processing fee required to submit the IEC online application is non-refundable under any circumstances.  

    3.  HOUSING

      • For FALL / SPRING semesters, students will have have the option of living on campus OR off campus.  Living on campus is the safest and most convenient option, and it allows for language immersion and involvement in campus activities.  For more information on campus housing, please visit the Campus Residences website. PLEASE NOTE:  Once students have checked into campus housing, they will be responsible to pay for the full semester housing fee even if they decide to move off campus before the semester ends.  The IEC does not assist in finding off campus accommodations for students.  Please visit the Off Campus Housing website for more information.
      • FOR SUMMER SESSION:  Living on campus is mandatory  for all GSI (SUMMER) students.  We understand that some students may have personal circumstances that may warrant an exception  to this requirement.  The IEC Director may grant exceptions in special cases.  

    If you want to apply for an exception, please send an email to explaining your situation.  Please wait for a response before you proceed with the online application.

    4.  Admission to the IEC program does not guarantee admission to Stony Brook University for undergraduate or graduate study.


    The IEC application process is separated into two parts.  All prospective students must  complete Part I through the IEC online application portal, giving general biographical information necessary for each applicant.  Part II is for any student applying for a student visa (F-1).  Mandatory documents will be uploaded through the accessVIS system.  Please follow the instructions below:

    PART I:  General Information through the online application

    Each prospective student will need to create an account within the online application portal.  The links below will direct you to the appropriate application (if you are a SBU conditional student, please use the link sent to you in your offer email by Undergraduate Admissions. DO NOT use the links below):

    Apply for Summer Session (GSI)

    Apply for Fall or Spring Semester

    Once you submit your application, you will get a series of emails to further your application - indicating your Stony Brook ID#, NetID and Stony Brook email address.  Another will ask you to complete an online form to "Request Your IEC I-20".  This will bring you to Part II.  DO NOT PROCEED TO PART II UNTIL YOU RECEIVE THE EMAIL ASKING YOU TO DO SO.

    PART II:  Request for Form I-20 and Financial Information

    Visa Requirements - The IEC will issue I-20s (Certificates of Eligibility) for those students who fulfill the IEC admission requirements and provide evidence of financial support.  The I-20 form is used to apply for a student visa (F-1) at an American embassy or consulate.  Please note that not all visa types are appropriate for full-time study and the IEC does not issue I-20s for Change of Visa Status.  

    All new students requesting an I-20 must login to accessVIS to complete and submit the electronic "Request for an I-20" form. 

    Login to AccessVIS

      • Click the Limited Services link on the AccessVIS homepage.
      • Enter your Student ID# (emplid), Date of Birth, and Limited Access PIN
      • Expand the Request for IEC I-20 tab (located on the left sidebar)
      • Complete the Request for an I-20 form.

    It is important that you complete the form fully and upload the correct documents. Once a form is submitted, it cannot be resubmitted.

    The request will require you to upload the following documents.  Please make sure you are ready to upload all documents at the time you complete this form or the documents may not save properly.

    Financial Support Documents
    All students upload financial support documents showing at least $18,054 (fall or spring) or $7,000 (summer) in the form of a bank letter which states your name or your sponsor’s name in English.  If you have a sponsor, you will need to write the name and relationship (ie. mother, father, friend, etc.) of this person in the online form.

    Upload a copy of the passport page that shows your full name and photo
    Transferring Students (if applicable)
    If you are transferring from another school, you must upload the following with your application:

    a. Transfer e-report completed online through accessVIS  by your current school.  You will be asked to provide your DSO's name and email and the e-form will be sent to them.   Please note that if you have failed to maintain your student status at your current school or if you have a terminated SEVIS record, you WILL NOT be accepted to the IEC.

    b.  A copy of your current I-20 form

    c.  A copy of your visa and electronic I-94 number.

    Once your passport and financial documentation has been reviewed and approved by the IEC, you will receive an email instructing you to pay the $200 non-refundable IEC deposit and the $200 housing deposit (if necessary).  Upon payment confirmation of your deposit(s), your IEC application and I-20 wil be processed and mailed to you. 

  • Applying for an F-1 Visa

    Applying for an F-1 Visa

    All persons applying for an F-1 (student) visa must pay a SEVIS fee before applying for their visa at the embassy.  The SEVIS fee is generally a one-time fee and is non-refundable. 

    Pay SEVIS Fee

    The SEVIS fee is NOT payable or associated to the IEC.  It is paid to DHS (Department of Homeland Security).  Proof of payment must be presented to consular officials during the visa application process.

    The Department of Homeland Security host a very informative website called Study in the States.  Here, you can find answers to may questions from "Can I drive while studying in the U.S.?" to "What do I have to do to maintain my visa status?"  Look around the site and be informed before and after you arrive at Stony Brook!

    Visit Study in the States

    The IEC has put together a brief visa guide for all F-1 students as they navigate the immigration process.  We include this information with all I-20s in our admission packet.  Please read this document carefully to be aware of the process of applying, receiving and maintaining an F-1 visa. 

    View Visa Guide

  • Conditional Students

    Conditional Students

    Conditional Admission is offered to students who are academically qualified   to be admitted to SBU at the  undergraduate or graduate (Master's) level, but have not yet reached the required English proficiency. The IEC does not review academic records, so if you are interested in conditional admission, you have to contact  the  Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School directly for more information.  Please note that some graduate departments may not offer conditional admission.

    If you accept the conditional admission offer, you must enroll in the Intensive English Center (IEC) before you can be granted full admission to the university. The IEC will issue an I-20 form and you will be a full-time student at the IEC program. You will matriculate as an undergraduate or graduate student upon successful completion of the IEC program.

    When you start the IEC program you will take placement exams and be placed into an English level according to the results of the exam, not your current TOEFL or IELTS score. Students who complete the Advanced IEC level (104) with a B or better will be cleared for admission to SBU without having to submit a new TOEFL or IELTS score.


  • Transfer Students

    Transfer Students

    Are you currently attending a school in the United States but want to come to the IEC at Stony Brook University?  If so, during Step 2 of the application process, you will be directed to "Request Your IEC I-20" and submit the necessary information and documents through accessVIS  (an email with instructions will be provided after you submit your Apply Yourself application).   Please note that if you have failed to maintain your student status at your current school or if you have a terminated SEVIS record, you WILL NOT be accepted to the IEC.

    Please be prepared to complete required information and to upload copies of the following documents:

    1.  Provide the name, phone number and email of the DSO of your current school on the accessVIS e-form.

    2.  Upload your passport page with photo and name in English

    3.  Upload a copy of the visa page from your passport

    4.  Upload your current I-20 form with signatures

    5.  Upload your electronic I-94 page

    6.  Upload financial documentation showing support for semester or session

    **Please note that your I-20 CANNOT be processed until you are released and transferred out to Stony Brook University in SEVIS from your current school.