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  • Pre-Application Questions

    Pre-Application Questions

    Is there a TOEFL requirement for admission to the IEC?
    Can I be a full-time undergraduate and take the IEC?
    Is it mandatory to live on campus?
    How much is the IEC?
    What is the IEC refund policy?
    Does the IEC pay commission to agencies?


  • IEC Application Process

    IEC Application Process

    How do I apply?
    Does the IEC give I-20s?
    When can I get my I-20?
    How do I pay my deposit?
    What is SOLAR?
    I have an international block in SOLAR. Why?


  • Program Information

    Program Information

    How many levels does the IEC have?
    What will my level be?
    When/how do I register for my IEC class?
    Do I have to buy textbooks?
    When is orientation? Is it mandatory?
    How long can I study in the IEC?
    Can I take an undergraduate credit course while at the IEC?
    How do I get conditional admission?
    How can I enter the University when I finish IEC?


  • Student Health Information

    Student Health Information

    Where do I get the health forms?
    Where should I send the health forms?
    Can I bring the health forms to orientation?
    Is Stony Brook University’s health insurance mandatory?


  • Living on Campus

    Living on Campus - Housing and Meal Plan

    Is it mandatory to live on campus?
    Which dorm will I live in?
    Can I pick my dormitory or roommate?
    Can I cook in my dorm room?
    Do I need to buy a meal plan?
    Can I get internet in my room?


  • Other


    Does the IEC plan social events for students?
    What is Wolfie Wallet?
    Can I get a job while at the IEC?
    Can I get a social security number while at the IEC?
    Can I get a driver’s license?
    Will I meet American students?
    How can I transfer to another school?