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Humanities Institute Community Partnership with Herstory Writers Workshop                                                                                       


Herstory Writers Workshop, an organization that has helped thousands of heretofore silenced Long Islanders find their voices, and the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook invite you to join a on-line, 12-week campus/community workshop with the goal of generating stories that will advance the movement for equity, inclusion and justice at this time when every one of our voices is needed to protect our most basic human rights.

Working with Herstory Writers Workshop’s founder and artistic director participants will learn techniques to generate narratives with the power to change hearts, minds and policies, one story at a time.Students will write side by side with neighborhood elders, activists and legislators. Writings produced in the workshop may be published in  Stories for Liberation, Herstory’s weekly series on the Long Island Wins website, visited by 10,000 to 15,000 viewers per month.

Workshop dates are every Thursday during the Fall and Spring semester. Space is limited. Click here to sign up for Community Workshop.

Image of Erika Duncan

Herstory’s Founder and Artistic Director novelist and essayist Erika Duncan, has devoted her life to giving voice to stories that have been silenced and unsung. Her novels and portraits of writers, artists, and pathfinders in the humanities and science, all touch on the moment that a spark was discovered, and were featured in her front page “Encounters” series in the New York Times Long Island Weekly, which appeared monthly for four years.



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