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Lilia Delfina Ruiz-Debbe

Lilia Delfina Ruiz-Debbe

Director of Spanish Language Program
Humanities Building 1076. Phone: 631.632.9475

Lilia Ruiz Debbe has been Director of the Spanish Language Program at the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature since 1997. With a strong foundation in the cognitive epistemology of Piaget at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, Lilia Ruiz-Debbe did her first research on the processes of cognitive and linguistic processes of Spanish language structures. At present, her research involves Interlanguage Studies and Second Language Acquisition and their implications for methodology in classroom situations. This research addresses how theoretical frameworks affect the application of research findings to the teaching of Spanish Second Language, particularly in aspectual tenses and their L2 acquisition.

Recently taught courses

Undergraduate Level
SPN 463  Contrastive Spanish-English Grammar
SPN 465  Topics Courses:

  • Understanding Spanish Linguistics
  • Spanish Syntax
  • Morpho-Syntax
  • The Structure of Spanish Language
  • Form, Meaning and Function: Verbal Tenses and Modal System

SPN 447  Directed Independent Study
SPN 475  Undergraduate Practicum in the Teaching of Spanish Grammar

Graduate Level
SPN 691  Practicum in the Teaching of Spanish Language
SPN 693  Practicum in the Teaching of Spanish Language II
SPN 588  Directed Master’s Research
SPN 504  Spanish English Contrast with emphasis in Second Language Research
SPN 503  Spanish Linguistics: From word to sentences


SPN 111  Elementary Spanish
SPN 112  Elementary Spanish
SPN 211  Intermediate Spanish
SPN 310  Grammar and Composition for Natives Speakers
SPN 311  Spanish Conversation and Composition
SPN 321 Grammar and Composition and Advanced Grammar



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