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Zaida Corniel


Humanities Building 1137

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Zaida Corniel (PhD 2015, Stony Brook University) is Lecturer of Spanish in the department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at Stony Brook University. She specializes in Hispanic Caribbean literature and culture, Latino studies, Dominican diaspora , and theater. Her research interest focus on tourism, migration, race, gender, and representation of the Caribbean subjectivities in contemporary narrative, propaganda, performance, visual art and films. In Stony Brook she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses. She also founded the first Theater group in Spanish, Teatro Abierto (2017), joined by graduate and undergraduate students.

Corniel is currently editing a book of interviews published during her career as a journalist in Dominican publications that includes authors as Edwidge Danticat, Junot Díaz, Luis Rafael Sánchez, among others. 

Courses taught at Stony Brook:

SPN 585 The Invisible Cities of the Spanish Caribbean (online MA seminar)

SPN 111 Elementary Spanish I
SPN 112 Elementary Spanish II
SPN 211 Intermediate Spanish I
HUS 254 Latin American Today
SPN 310 Spanish Grammar and Composition for Native Speaker
SPN 392 Culture and Civilization of Spanish America


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