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Undergraduate Programs in Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences offers the following Undergraduate Degree programs:



Director of Undergraduate Studies and
Earth & Space Science Major Advisor:
Professor Hanna Nekvasil 
Room 234 ESS Building 
Tel. (631) 632-8201 
Email: hanna.nekvasil  "at"

Geology Major Advisor:
Professor A. Deanne Rogers 
Room 318 ESS Building 
Tel. (631) 632-1509 
Email:  "at" 

For information on the five year ESS B.A./Masters of Teaching Program, please contact:
Earth Science Education Advisor: Gilbert Hanson 
Room 340 ESS Building 
Tel. (631) 632-8210 
Email: gilbert.hanson  "at"

For general information: 
Geosciences Main Office
Room 255 ESS Building 
Tel. (631) 632-8200

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