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Graduates for Education and Outreach

Graduates for Education and Outreach (GEO) 


Graduates for Education and Outreach (GEO) is an organization at Stony Brook University where graduate students provide educational instruction to students spanning a range of ages. GEO aims to inform and inspire students within STEM disciplines.

GEO prioritizes efforts towards racial minority groups and those economically challenged. We know that local schools understand their educational needs better than we do and therefore we provide educational opportunities that are based on what educators request from us.

We work closely with Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School and Suffolk County Community College to provide hands-on instruction. We are hoping to expand our outreach to Brentwood High School in the coming year. In addition to these efforts, we work with local science fairs and schools upon request.

We are always looking for Stony Brook University STEM graduate student volunteers.

GEO is co-led by Taylor Grandfield, Brooke Peritore, and David Dukes. Please contact us at or

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