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Major in Earth and Space Sciences  


Earth and space sciences include multiple interdisciplinary fields such as geology, astronomy, atmospheric science and marine science. The major in earth and space sciences leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree and allows the student to touch upon a variety of such fields as well as fundamental mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, before engaging in a more in-depth study of a single field.  This major is suitable for students interested in a obtaining a broad education in the sciences as well as those interested in secondary school teaching.

Geo Club on rocks

The Earth and Space Sciences major has two programs of study. 

Programs of Study

  • The  Earth and Space Sciences track is designed to meet the needs of students who desire a diverse science background for the study for example of law, environmental policy, or public health. The required courses in this track can also be tailored to meet the needs of students interested in obtaining background for further study of a highly interdisciplinary field, such as biogeochemistry, astrobiology, scientific journalism, or medical geology.

  • The  Earth Science Education track is designed to prepare students for certification as secondary school earth science teachers.   It is sometimes combined with the Masters in Teaching program to form an accelerated program of study that leads to professional teaching certification in New York State.  Get More Info.

Earth and Space Sciences Requirements