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Master of Science Degree in Geosciences with a Concentration in Earth and Space Sciences




This Master’s degree program is for:

• Earth Science teachers who have initial certification in Earth Science but need a Master’s degree to become fully certified
• Teachers in science or other disciplines, who need a master’s degree and want to be certified in Earth Science

The Graduate Earth Science Courses are for:

• Students in the MS program
•Teachers in other disciplines with a Master's degree who would like to be dually certified.
• Science teachers with a Master's degree who need graduate courses to meet their continuing education or professional development requirements.


This MS degree program was developed to accommodate science teachers and includes new earth science graduate courses in astronomy, atmospheric sciences and geosciences specifically designed to cover in detail and depth the material taught in the New York State earth science curriculum.

The emphasis will be on understanding and describing processes so that teachers will be able to more easily and effectively convey these concepts to the earth science students.


This non-thesis M.S. degree program requires a total of 31 credits. Of these 31 credits, 30 credits must be from courses with the ESS designator or other approved graduate courses in the fields of astronomy, atmospheric sciences or geology.

ESS 501 Foundations of Earth Science (3 cr.) and
ESS 610 Capstone Project (1 cr.) are required.

Individual course programs will be developed for each student in consultation with the MS in ESS Progam Advisor based on the student’s academic background and intended goals.


Applications for this MS program are accepted at any time. They can be submitted at

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required.

Before applying, please contact the Program Advisor for the MS with concentration in Earth and Space Science:

Professor Daniel Davis

Tel. 631-632-8217
Department of Geosciences
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, New York 11794-210


Registering for courses as a non-matriculated student

You can register for ESS courses (or any other courses) with permission as a non-matriculated student.

You can transfer up to 12 credits of courses taken as a non-matriculated student to a graduate program.

Information on how to register as a non-matriculated student can be found here.

Once you are ready to enroll in one of the ESS courses, contact Professor Daniel Davis for permission to register at