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Expanded Clinical Billing Platform Working Group

Stony Brook Medicine Task Force


The Expanded Clinical Billing Working Group will examine the possibility to expand billing and clinical practice activities for the School of Dental Medicine, as well as for the Schools of Nursing, Social Welfare, and Health Technology and Management.  In particular, the group will investigate any efficiencies to be had with leveraging CPMP’s billing platform for use by all the Health Sciences Schools, or if alternative platforms should be used or developed.  The working group will also provide recommendations for any infrastructure required to accomplish proposed expanded clinical and billing activities among the schools.


Provide the opportunity for all the professional schools within the Health Sciences Center to engage in clinical practice activities and billing, to allow generation of additional sources of revenue.

Recommended Timeline

The Working Group will investigate, identify and define challenges and opportunities in expanding clinical and billing activities to the different Health Sciences Schools by the end of February.  The Working Group should plan to present its findings and recommendations to the Stony Brook Medicine Task Force in March.


Working Group Co-Chairs:  Lisa Layton,  Spencer Busia

 **denotes member of SBI Task Force