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Streamlining Recruiting & Hiring Process Working Group

Operations Alignment Task Force


Review the entire recruiting and hiring life cycle for administration, faculty, research, clinical and post-docs in order to streamline processes and create flexibility where required. The Working Group will review the current Faculty and Staff recruitment systems and policies to identify any friction and redundancy. This will include all, SUNY, Civil Service or contractual limitations that impede the selection process. Special attention will be paid to adherence to the Office of Equity Access policy for Faculty and staff, including exceptions to the search process. A key objective is to recommend appropriate levels of HR staffing to support the enterprise needs.


Develop a more efficient and flexible recruiting and hiring lifecycle process.

Estimated Timeline

The working group should identify short term solutions by late January. It is anticipated that longer term solutions would be identified by mid-February.


Working Group Co-Chairs:   Alfredo Fontanini,  Rachael Redhead


 **denotes member of SBI taskforce