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Enhancing Research Productivity Working Group

Research & Innovation Task Force


This working group will enhance the number and success rate of large-grants and training-grant submissions.  Some innovative suggestions that have been put forth to assist with this task include (1) post-mortem review of successful grants to develop best practices, (2) expand seed grant programs, which have been proven to be useful for larger grant applications, and (3) institute a pre-submission review protocol to provide critical feedback prior to submission.  Another cross-cutting theme that affects the entire research enterprise at the university is the importance of our standing within the American Association of Universities (AAU), including how we can improve our AAU ranking moving forward.


The objective of this working group is to enhance the research productivity and effectiveness on campus, with a special focus on large grants and training grants.

Recommended Timeline

The working group should identify short term solutions by late February or early March.  It is anticipated that longer term solutions would be identified by late-March.


Working Group Co-Chairs:   Surita Bhatia,  Sandeep Mallipattu**


 ** denotes member of SBI Task Force