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Conference Services & Events Working Group

Optimizing Campus Cultural, Athletic, and Facilities Resources Task Force


The scope of the work includes:

  • Evaluate best in class competing university conference service department and study various private sector conference and event facility models.
  • Work closely with external clients working group to create a centrally risk mitigation tactics, and scalable rate structures. Review appropriate SUNY guidelines as related to event management.
  • Create a business model for a comprehensive Conference Services Office with planned organizational growth, pass through accounting that covers expenses, clear metrics and ROI, and a space allocation strategy. Clearly define the mission, vision and goals of the department.
  • Explore the creation of a user-friendly website to serve as a hub for external clients (search bar: improve how search inquiries are directed; video tutorials; presence on and link from University's home page)
  • Propose revenue allocation model that builds community, rewards participation, promotes infrastructure development, and generates central revenue.
  • Conduct space assessment on all campuses including Southampton and propose service and capital improvement with specific ROI.
  • Assess current and potential operating systems for event management.
  • Create tiered space usage model with dedicated conference space, shared space, and open self-scheduled space that clearly designated student space and other restrictions. Review various building strategies including Wang Center occupancy.


The working group will develop a plan of action to establish a comprehensive conference services office and events strategy that optimizes internal efficiencies and external revenues, supporting the campus mission and enhancing the SBU community.

Recommended Timeline

Develop and prioritize opportunities with a plan to present recommendations to the Optimizing Campus Cultural, Athletic, and Facilities Resources Task Force by late March.


Task Force Co-Chairs: Van Sullivan **, Diana Hannan **


   **denotes member of SBI Task Force