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Summer Initiatives Inventory Working Group

Optimizing Campus Cultural, Athletic, and Facilities Resources Task Force


The scope of work includes:

  • Documenting all summer programs currently held on Stony Brook campuses, including those designed for junior high school, high school and college students (including visiting international students).
  • Determining optimal program characteristics on which to collect data (e.g., Program name, dates offered, target demographic, historical attendance, etc.) and subsequently capturing this information.


The working group will document all summer programs offeren on Stony Brook's multiple campuses and capture important information about them that will assist future groups in conducting opportuntiy analysis related to SBU summer offerings.

Recommended Timeline

Develop a spreasheet containing the aforementioned data and share it with Optimizing Campus Cultural, Athletic and Facilities Resources Task Force by the end of March.


Task Force Chair: Rachelle Germana**


   **denotes member of SBI Task Force