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Moving Forward

Over the past year, members of the working groups and task forces that made up the Strategic Budget Initiative had productive conversations about how to meet the significant financial challenges facing Stony Brook University. The dialogue was extremely positive, with people making connections, removing barriers, and challenging assumptions.

That hard work has yielded a slate of initiatives that will continue to evolve, addressing several key areas, including revenue and cost containment, enhancing research, supporting academic programs, streamlining human resources and improving processes in medicine and health sciences. They have been prioritized by the Financial Sustainability Steering Committee and approved by leadership for implementation in FY21/22.

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Review the first three stages of the Strategic Budget Initiative:

Phase I: Understanding the Challenge       Phase 2: Partnering with Purpose       Phase 3: Building a Strong and Healthy Foundation

Visit the VP of Strategic Initiatives website to see an updated list of additional initiatives.

Conversations: The Strategic Budget Initiative

Discover what key people at Stony Brook University learned during their time as co-chairs of the five task forces.

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