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Leveraging Existing Infrastructure Working Group

Research & Innovation Task Force


This working group will explore issues of space and facilities as they relate to research on campus.  This includes space allocation of new space, refurbishment of existing space, and repurposed space.  This group may examine how effectively current space assignments are being used at the faculty and department levels. In addition, the need for renovation and updating of research facilities will be examined. Topics include (1) renovation and updating of existing facilities, (2) identify strategic areas for future core facilities, (3) coordinate with existing Centers for Advanced Technology and Centers of Excellence to review their facility offerings and needs, and (4) expanding facilities for both on- and off-campus users, including fee-for-use models.


The objective of this working group is to review the use, allocation, planning and updating of space and facilities as related to the research enterprise on campus.

Recommended Timeline

The working group should identify short term solutions by late February or early March.  It is anticipated that longer term solutions would be identified by late-March.


Working Group Co-Chairs: Kevin Reed**, Glen Itzkowitz**