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Strategic Growth Research Working Group

Research & Innovation Task Force


This working group will explore the development of strategic groups to direct the university’s research mission moving forward.  This will be achieved by creating multi-disciplinary think tanks that include the following tasks: (1) create working groups to identify future strategic opportunities, (2) participate in funding workshops to develop relationships with funding agencies and legislators, (3) fund local workshops to foster collaboration, and (4) embrace a campus-wide culture of inclusiveness for research opportunities.  In addition, the group will focus on adopting the emerging national trend of developing a campus-wide culture of entrepreneurship to increase interactions with industry and transition technologies to the marketplace.


The objective of this working group is to provide direction and vision for the university in its future research pursuits, and to foster a culture of entrepreneurship that integrates seamlessly with the entire campus community.

Recommended Timeline

The working group should identify short term solutions by late February or early March.  It is anticipated that longer term solutions would be identified by late-March. 


Working Group Co-Chairs:   Suparna Rajaram**, Dilip Gersappe**