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D-TALE Director Dr. Terry Earley Participates In Newsday Live Panel on Standardized Testing

Image from panel

D-TALE Director Dr. Terry Earley participated in a Newsday Live panel called “Standardized testing in the pandemic: What will it be like for kids and teachers?” on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

Dr. Earley, along with the other participants, Dr. Lorna Lewis, Malverne Superintendent, and Dr. Dia Bryant, interim executive director for The Education Trust - New York, discussed the complexities of standardized testing and how the exam affects the districts, students and teachers.

"We can’t go to one spectrum of accountability where you stifle the teacher from being an exciting informative facilitator of learning and on the other hand you need some type of structure and accountability," 
-Dr. Terry Earley

The panel was moderated by Newsday’s Editorial Board Member and Editorial Writer, Lane Filler.

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