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Two Degrees, Two Certifications, Five Years: New BA/MAT Program Announced

Stony Brook University is delighted to announce three new programs that offer students expert training in linguistics and the foreign language of their choice as well as careful preparation in pedagogy and teaching methodology.  These programs will increase student marketability to employers who are seeking bilingual educators who understand the pedagogy of teaching students whose native languages are not English.

Specifically, these new programs allow students to complete a Bachelor of Arts (with a double major in Linguistics and a foreign language), plus a Master of Arts in Teaching (French, Italian, or Spanish), as well as dual teacher certification in ESL/ENL (grades K-12) and French, Italian, or Spanish (grades 7-12). With careful planning, this program can be completed in 5 years.

Program details and requirements are further delineated on the School of Professional Development website.  

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