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NYAPE Journal Cover; Craig Markson, Kenneth Forman, Terry Earley

Teacher and Leader Education Faculty Publish Research on College-Going Rates; Schools' Response to COVID-19 

SBU Faculty Publish Two Articles in Education Journal

Faculty from Stony Brook University's Teacher and Leader Education programs have been published articles in the December 2020 edition of the New York Academy of Public Education Research Journal. The New Yok Academy of Public Education (NYAPE) is a venerable organization that promotes the interests of urban education in both public and private schools and universities in the metropolitan area.

The first article, "The Relationships Between Race, Poverty, English Language Learners, and College-Going Rates," reports the results of a study conducted by Drs. Craig Markson and Dr. Kenneth Forman, both of Stony Brook's Educational Leadership program, and Dr. Terry Earley, Director of Distributed Teacher and Leader Education, Assessment and Accreditation. The researchers' intent was to explain why there were racial inequalities and a lack of cultural responsiveness for the hiring of K-12 teachers. The study explored the relationships between race, poverty, English language learners (ELLs), and college-going rates. It was found that poverty and ELLs were divided along racial lines, in a direction that put downward pressure on college-going rates for Black or African-American and Hispanic or Latino student groups. Based on these findings, the researchers made specific recommendations for school district policymakers and future studies to reduce the racial inequities on college-going rates.

In a timely second article, Dr. Markson and Dr. Forman examined some instructional challenges that have arisen during the pandemic.  "A case study in online teaching and learning excellence as a result of COVID-19" examines the efficacy of online instruction in educational leadership programs prior to COVID-19 as well as the changes that were taking place as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. It starts with a literature review, and then provides an overview of SBU's Educational Leadership (EDL) curriculum, SUNY instructional guidelines, and University support systems. It culminates with a list of 13 instructional strategies to be implemented to ensure the strength, quality and accessibility of the EDL program, which is the largest program of its kind in New York State.

 Both articles can be accessed without a subscription on the NYAPE website:


Photos, from left to right: NYAPE Journal; Craig Markson, EdD; Kenneth Forman, PhD; Terry Earley, PhD