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James Nelson '21
BA in Art History and Criticism 
Minor in Creative Writing 


I am from Long Island and I have always known that Stony Brook University is a great school. I attended the Suffolk Community College Honors Program where I took a large variety of classes before I transferred to SBU. I decided to major in Art History and Criticism and minor in Creative Writing. I always knew I wanted to learn how to write better when I was in high school.  Art history was a perfect fit because I love learning about history. More than that though, I love having a broad background on many different topics and Art history was a perfect culmination of using many subjects to try and understand something new. I truly don't know what my future will bring but for now my goal is to become a professor. I am hoping to be accepted into grad school in the Fall to continue my studies.

One of my favorite classes at SBU was a class by Professor Uroskie in which we discussed science fiction and its application to art. Professor Parker’s writing classes were extremely informative. In reality though, many of the classes I took in Stony Brook were great. I was lucky to have some excellent professors.

My interests are too many!  I enjoy reading, writing, world building, and learning different things about the world around me. I love playing an intense game of paintball, strenuous hikes in the woods, hanging out with friends, and playing D&D. 

My best advice to future SBU students, I think, is ‘be yourself.’ Stony Brook is a large school and there is a potential for a person to feel lost. Make friends and talk to the other students in your classes. I know it is intimidating, but to get the best chance you have is to put your phone down and talk to others.