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Daniel Menzo

Daniel Menzo is a PhD Candidate in Art History & Criticism whose research looks at global histories of photography, with a particular focus on portraiture, queerness, and early photographic practices across the Americas. His dissertation examines the work of early twentieth-century Colombian photographer, Benjamín de la Calle (1869–1934), in order to trace the relationship between photography, queer politics, and modern culture within Colombia. Over the past two years Daniel has served as Vice President for the Art History Graduate Student Organization, and he recently co-curated the exhibition Printing Solidarity: Tricontinental Graphics from Cuba at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery. He has a Masters in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management from the University of Rochester, where he interned for two years at the internationally renowned George Eastman Museum. As a first-generational college student and an openly queer scholar, Daniel’s future career goals include pursuing a teaching position where he can merge interdisciplinary interests in photography and storytelling to bridge communities and classrooms. Daniel’s academic and personal work both focus on the creativity and experiences of LGBTQ photographers and communities, asking how pictures hold memories, to illuminate these histories in the present so they might help us create a better future.