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The immediate goal for these working groups is to develop a roadmap, within the Shared Vision for CAS, of the critical issues, decision points, and target dates for actions in this area.  The roadmap will provide a plan of action that over the course of the next 12-18 months will result in specific areas of active research engagement and curricular ideas. Through this process, faculty will engage in discussions about the kind of institution they want to be a part of in 2030.   

Global Processes, Connections and Flows 

Global Migration of People and Ideas
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Judy Lochhead
Nerissa Balce Associate Professor
Sophie Raynard-Leroy  Associate Professor
Krishna Veeramah  Assistant Professor 
Gallya Lahav  Associate Professor 
Nancy Hiemstra  Associate Professor 
Global Health/Disparities
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Judy Lochhead
Juan Pantano Associate Professor
Shobana Shankar Associate Professor
Craig Evinger Professor 
Nick Eaton Associate Professor
Kathleen Fallon Professor 
Global Inequalities and Power
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Judy Lochhead
E.K. Tan Associate Professor
Abena Asare Assistant Profesor
David Wiczer Assistant Professor
Anne O’Byrne Associate Professor
Joseph Pierce Assistant Professor
Global Environment/Energy and Natural Resources
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Tim Glotch 
Shimelis Gulema Assistant Professor
Karena Chapman Endowed Chair 
Liliana Davalos  Professor
Chris Sellers Professor
Kristen Shorette Assistant Professor
Peter DeScioli Assistant Professor


Digital Revolution & Beyond

Advancing Research Frontiers withPlatform for Data (Information) Science
CAS Associate Dean Liaison:  Ellen Broselow
Andrea Fedi Associate Professor
Ed Luk Associate Professor
Jeff Heinz Professor
Memming Park Assistant Professor
Marivi Fernandez Serra Associate Professor
Social Implications of the Digital Revolution/DI Hybrid
CAS Associate Dean Liaisons: Ellen Broselow and Elizabeth Newman 
Elyse Graham Assistant Professor
Josh Teplitsky Assistant Professor
Susan Brennan Professor
Aurelie Vialette Assistant Professor
Ritch Calvin Associate Professor
Gary Mar Associate Professor
Michael Becker Assistant Professor

Scholarly Creativity & Exploration 

STEAM: Education and Communication and Creative Expression
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Tim Glotch
Ming-Yu Ngai Assistant Professor
Ross Nehm Associate Professor 
Franck Dalmas Associate Professor
Matthew Barnson Assistant Professor
Bonita London Associate Professor
Nick Mangano Professor
Cross-Cutting Disciplines: Mind, Brain Body, From Biology to Culture
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Tim Glotch  
Katheryn Twiss Associate Professor
Karen Lloyd Assistant Professor
Timothy August Assistant Professor
Arianna Maffei Associate Professor
Alan Kim Assistant Professor 
Ken Dill Distinguished Professor
Christina Dahl Associate Professor
Cross-Cutting Disciplines:  Origins and Explorations of the Universe and Planetary Systems
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Tim Glotch  
Scott McLennan Professor
Marcus Khuri Professor 
Rosalba Perna  Professor
Brooke Belisle  Assistant Professor
Brenda Anderson  Professor
Cross-Cutting Disciplines:  Evolution and Transformation
CAS Associate Dean Liaison: Tim Glotch  
Jeroen Smaers Assistant Professor
John True Associate Professor
Greg Henkes Assistant Professor
Shaoyu Ge Associate Professor
Gerald Thomsen Professor
Sohl Lee Assistant Professor 


last update: 7-26-19