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Yi-Xian Qin, Ph.D., SUNY Distinguished Professor and Chair

Director, Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory
Co-Director, Institute for Engineering-Driven Medicine

Contact Information

Phone: (631) 632-1481 (BME)

Research Focus


My research is based on the physical mechanisms involved in the control of tissue growth, healing, and homeostasis, especially bone adaptation and regeneration influenced by mechanical environment, as well as how these mechanisms can be utilized in the treatment and prevention of disease and injury and bone tissue engineering. Bone senses and responds to biomechanical stimuli towards the achievement and maintenance of a structurally appropriate skeletal structure. The interdependent roles of these mechanical signals are investigated through empiric and analytic models to provide support for the complex interactive mechanism of bone remodeling.

My research is also focused on the development of non-invasive scanning acoustic diagnostic system for tissue quality, and therapeutic ultrasound. The goal of this project is to develop a new technology, which will lead to a better understanding of the progressive adaptation of bone loss in aging populations and microgravity environment. The technology will be used for assessing musculoskeletal complications such as osteoporosis and accelerate fracture healing.

The research in the lab has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI), as well as industries. The research findings have been published in 125 peer-reviewed papers and more than 20 books and book chapters in the musculoskeletal research areas.

Research Interests

  • Bone tissue engineering and regeneration
  • Ultrasound imaging, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Cellular and tissue biomechanics


  • Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering (Biomechanics), SUNY Stony Brook, 1997.


  • Fellow       American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)
  • Fellow       American Society for Biomedical Engineering (BMES)
  • Fellow       American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)
  • Fellow       International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)


Click  here  to view Yi-Xian Qin's journal and book publications and patents

Courses Taught

  • BME 100 - Introduction to Bioengineering (SBU)
  • BME 201 - Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (SBU)
  • BME 303 - Biomechanics (SBU)
  • BME 420/604 - Computational Biomechanics (SBU)
  • BME 505/506 - Principle and Practice in Biomedical Engineering (SBU)