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Undergraduate Admissions Requirements



Acceptance into the Biomedical Engineering Major

Direct Admission to the BME Major

Decisions for direct admissions to the BME major are made by the Admissions Staff, and based on criteria set by the BME Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. In order to be considered for direct admission to the BME major, applicants to the university must “check the box” to indicate an interest in BME. Further, direct admissions are considered on a rotating basis; applicants who apply earlier are given priority.

The criteria for direct admission are a high school GPA of 95/100 or better, SAT verbal plus math scores of 1250/1600 or better, record of high school calculus and calculus based physics. This criteria is set by the BME Undergraduate Curriculum Committee as the minimum requirements to insure that the student can perform well in our rigorous curriculum.

Other students entering college for the first time are considered for direct admission to the BME major on a case by case basis by the Undergraduate Program Director (contact information below). Importantly, the paramount consideration is what would best help each student succeed academically at Stony Brook.

Transfer to the BME Major

Freshman and transfer applicants admitted to the University but not immediately accepted into the Bio­medical Engineering major may apply for acceptance to the major at any time during the academic year by contacting the Director of the Undergraduate Program. Students in good academic standing may apply in any semester, but priority for admission to the Biomedical Engineering major is given to those students who have:

  1. Completed MAT 132 and PHY 132/PHY 134 or their equivalents;
  2. Earned a g.p.a. of 3.20 in all mathematics and physics courses with no more than one grade below B-;
  3. Earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater at Stony Brook University and
  4. Received completed course evaluations for all transferred courses that are to be used to meet requirements of the major.

If the courses were taken at another university, then the official transcript must be provided to the SBU Registrar and the Director of the Undergraduate Program in BME. For any course that is not directly transferred from the prior institution to by the Admissions Office, the student must provide a Transfer Credit form showing that the appropriate departments accept the courses taken at other universities.

If the student is changing majors within SBU, then a Transfer of Major form must be signed by the Director of the Undergraduate Program in BME to indicate that the student meets the criteria.

Acceptance to the Bioengineering (BNG) Minor Program

The minor program is open to only Biology and Biochemistry major students in CAS. To declare the BNG minor, the student must see the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for BME, or the Undergraduate Program Director for BME. After verification of the student’s status as a BIO or BCH major, the transfer forms will be signed.

Importantly, the BNG minor student should maintain contact with the Coordinator and Director of the BME Undergraduate Program and must inform them of their intention to graduate during their last semester. For the BNG minor to appear on their final transcript and diploma, the Director of the BME Undergraduate Program must confirm that the appropriate courses were taken.

Undergraduate Program Contacts

Undergraduate Program Coordinator:

Jessica Kuhn (Berthold)
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Bioengineering Building, Rm. 102
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5281
Tel: 631.632.8371
Fax: 631.632.3222

Undergraduate Program Director:

Dr. Molly D. Frame
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Bioengineering Building, Rm. G21
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5281