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Advanced Graduate Certificate in Life Sciences Innovation- LiSIE AGC Program


From the lab to leadership   What will you do with your hard-earned degree? 

For biotechnology and other science based enterprises to flourish, they need trained professionals with rigorous training in science.  They also need people who understand the business of commercializing a technology into a product.  The Life Sciences Innovation and Entrepreneurship (LiSIE) Program combines both to help build the biotechnology workforce of tomorrow.  It gives you the option of using your skills at the lab bench or helping to lead a company.

You will earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) by completing six courses: 3 form a mini-MBA core, 1 is a module on communicating science, and 2 are electives aligned with your science background.  With nearly 50 electives to choose from in (i.) Biomedical Sciences, (ii.) Data Science & Computational Biology, (iii.) Ecological and Marine Sciences, (iv.) Engineering, (v.) Healthcare, and (vi.) Management, many graduate students are already well on their way to gaining the AGC.

Core Courses  [click on item to expand description/list]

Electives  Choose 2 courses for 6 credits, under advisement from the certificate Director, from the following areas:

Enrollment Information  

To enroll in the LiSIE AGC program you will need to be a current SBU student with Graduate Student standing. Typically, this means you have already been accepted a PhD program, a Masters program, or an accelerated Bachelor’s/Masters program. You should first contact the LiSIE program director, Prof. Louis Peña ( ), to review your current course of study, determine which courses can be applied to your specific case, and how to proceed.

Some information and descriptions in SBU’s Graduate Bulletin/SOLAR may be outdated; the current operational information is described here. The LiSIE program is a collaboration between the SBU Center for Biotechnology, the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, and the College of Business.

Contact information: Prof. Louis Peña ( ), LiSIE program director.