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Industry Outlook


Experience Counts

Graduate Student at BenchThe industrial internship program helps students prepare for their transition to the business world. It gives them a distinct advantage over their peers in today's competitive marketplace. The internship program provides work experience in a professional environment where the emphasis is on learning versus earning. You will learn new skills, gain insider contacts and references, as well as clarify your career goals. More and more students realize that these benefits enhance their college education. More importantly, many employers expect to see evidence of an internship or two on a student's resume.

Goal of the Internship Program

Graduate students in the MS program participate in an intensive internship program that aims to create highly skilled and industry savvy bioengineers, poised to enter diverse career paths in industry, academia and government. The Graduate Program at Stony Brook University combines cutting edge research and innovative curriculum with invaluable industry experience. Our goal is to assist you in building a biomedical engineering career with real experience while familarizing top New York companies with the capibilities of our highly qualified biomedical engineering students.

Industry Benefits

Successful internships benefit both the employer and the employee. Companies see the value of investing more time and resources to participate in internship programs because it provides them with an efficient way to cultivate future employees and weed out the undesirables. Internships offer employers a valuable resource for short-term project needs and inject the refreshing perspective of tomorrow's young professionals. Companies interested in the Industrial Research Internship Program should contact Center for Biotechnology Internship Coordinator.

Build your Career at Stony Brook!

Tony Dongye Zhang, Ph.D., Alumna
Currently at Target Health Inc.

"I think BME widened my understanding in life sciences and biomedical breakthroughs and exposed me to a variety of topics from bone biomechanics to drug deliveries. More importantly, it helped me realize the abundance of opportunities and positions in industry of different functionalities within the realm of BME. With the training I had in BME at Stony Brook, I can be working in regulatory bodies, investment banks, research institutions and medical and pharma companies, because I am equipped with knowledge and insight that other people cannot access with a CS, Econ or Math major."

Shazia Rana, Ph.D. Alumna
Summer 2002 Intern at BD Technologies
Currently at Delta Polymers, Inc.

"My research internship experience at BD Technologies was invaluable as I got to learn new technologies and science, and the immense knowledge I gained about industry and the issues dealt with in that setting will be most helpful in my scientific career."

Amit Kulharni, Ph.D. Alumnus
Summer 2002 intern at Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Currently at Holtz, Holtz, Goodman and Chick, P.C.

"My internship helped me tremendously in learning the workings of corporate culture and provided me with an insight to the do's and don't's in the business world."

Yi Xia. Ph.D. Alumnus
Summer 2002 Intern at Acoustic Scan
Currently at GE Healthcare

"My internship experience offered me an opportunity to work on cutting edge research with an emerging company and be involved in the development and translation of commercially promising technology into industry."