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Graduate Courses and Prerequisites

Current descriptions of all BME courses are found in the SBU Graduate School Bulletin.

  Course Number Course Title Prerequisites/Information Fall Spring




BME 501 Engineering Principles in Cell Biology   X  
BME 502 Advanced Numerical & Computation Analysis     X
BME 505 Principles and Practice of Biomedical Engineering   X  
BME 520 Lab Rotation 1 Syllabus X  
BME 521 Lab Rotation 2 Syllabus   X
BME 590 BME Seminar   X X




BME 503 Cell and Molecular Imaging   X  
BME 504 Biomaterials Science and Analysis  Co-scheduled with BME 354   X
BME 508 Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics   X  
BME 509 Fundamentals of the Biosciences Industry BME or MBA Grad Student (can satisfy business requirement)   X
BME 510 Biomechanics   X  
BME 511 Biotechnology Enterprise- Products and Markets BME or MBA Grad Student (can satisfy business requirement)   X
BME 513 Introduction To Optical & Terahertz Imaging     X
BME 525 Tissue Engineering   AA AA
BME 526 Biological Systems Engineering     X
BME 531 Biosensing and Bioimaging     Z
BME 532 Time Series Modeling of Biological Systems   AA AA
BME 534 Functional Genomics   X  
BME 546 Statistical Analysis of Physiological Data   AA AA
BME 547 Model-Based Analysis of Physiological Data   AA AA
BME 548 Measurement and Analysis in Physiological Research   AA AA
BME 549 Experimental Techniques in Systems Physiology   AA AA
BME 550 Math. Modeling of Physiological and Biophysical Systems   AA AA
BME 558 Physical and Quantitative Biology   X  
BME 571 Microfluidics in Biological Systems Co-scheduled with BME 371 X  
BME 572 Biomolecular Analysis BME 501; BME 502 AA AA
BME 573 iPhone Programming for Medical Applications   Y  
BME 581 Biomedical Nanofabrication Co-scheduled with BME 381   X
BME 601 Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics   AA AA
BME 602 Topics in Biomedical Apps. of Neural Networks   AA AA
BME 603 Advanced Quantitative Human Physiology Co-scheduled with BME 430   X
BME 604 Finite Element Modeling in Biology and Medicine Co-scheduled with BME 420   X
BME 605 Biomechanics of Tactile Systems   AA AA
BME 608 Contemporary Biotechnology Co-scheduled with BME 402 X  
BME 620 Space Radiation Biology   AA AA





BME 595 BME MS Project Project Option Only X X
BME 599 Biomedical Engineering Research w/o M.S. Degree X X
BME 670 Special Topics in  Biomedical Engineering     X
BME 690 Biomedical Engineering Research G4 and w/ M.S. Degree X X
BME 698 Practicum in Teaching   X X
BME 699 Dissertation Research on Campus G5 X X
BME 700 Dissertation Research off Campus - Domestic G5 X X
BME 701 Dissertation Research off Campus - International G5 X X
BME 800 BME Research Summer Only    





BME 517 Radiation Physics Modern Physics X  
BME 518 Radiobiology     X
BME 519 Medical Health Physics BME 517 X  
BME 530 Medical Image Formation     X
BME 540 Radiation Oncology Physics BME 517 X  
BME 610 Magnetic Resonance   X  
BME 611 Positron Emission Tomography     Y
BME 612 BME Aspects for the Use of Radiation in Medicine     X
BME 615 Clinical Diagnostic Medical Physics BME 517; BME 518; BME 519; BME 530 or BME 540 X  
BME 616 Clinical Nuclear Medicine Imaging   X  
BME 617 Clinical Radiation Oncology Physics     X
X = Every Term (As Shown); Y = Even Years Only; Z = Odd Years Only; AA = As Available
Courses may be canceled due to a variety of reasons
Course offering is Subject to Change