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Chair's Perspective

Dr. QinThank you for your interest in Biomedical Engineering. Our program provides students with a tremendous range of bioengineering challenges, from the design of molecular based biosensors to high-resolution functional imaging of the brain, and offers the opportunity to work in world-class labs here at Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, or Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. We emphasize an interdisciplinary engineering approach to the complex problems facing medicine in the post-genomics age, and our curriculum provides the strong foundation necessary for undertaking advanced basic, applied, and translational research in this diverse but interconnected field. Biomedical engineering is at the forefront of medicine in the 21st century, and the burgeoning success of our discipline has raised expectations for earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment of disease.

Faculty at Stony Brook are active contributors to the cutting edge of such targeted science and technology, with internationally acclaimed strengths in Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Biotechnology, Cell, Molecular and Tissue Engineering, Biosensors, Biosystems Modeling, Bioinstrumentation, and Medical Imaging. These disciplines thrive through active interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty, and have helped distinguish Stony Brook as an outstanding resource for education and research in the health sciences. We currently have 20 core faculty in the Department, and over 50 faculty outside of the department which are members of our Program. Harnessing these intellectual and physical resources, our academic program in Biomedical Engineering provides a rigorous, cross-disciplinary graduate training and research environment for our students.

This is an extremely exciting time for Biomedical Engineering. New areas of research and development are opening daily, from nano-based engineering of tissues to making the exploration of outer space safe for mankind. And considering the superb students and faculty, and the unique facilities at our host institutions, it is an excellent time to pursue your studies here at Stony Brook. Indeed, I am confident that you will find Stony Brook a wonderful place to build your future in Biomedical Engineering, whether in academia, the ever-expanding biosciences industry, law, medicine, or government. Our faculty is diverse, our commitment is high and our research is cutting- edge. Come and join us. If there are any questions which I, or one of my colleagues, might address, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Yi-Xian Qin

 Professor and Chair