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Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program Faculty

Name Title Email General Research Area
Anissa Abi-Dargham Professor and Vice Chair of Research anissa.abi-dargham@ Molecular imaging, pharmacology, schizophrenia and addiction
Agnieszka Bialkowska Assistant Professor Inflammation within the gastrointestinal tract
Terry Button Associate Professor Advanced magnetic resonance mammography and dynamic infrared imaging
Kenneth Dill Distinguished Professor Physics of how proteins fold
F. Avraham Dilmanian Professor Experimental methods of radiation therapy with segmented beams
Shmuel Einav Professor Basic physiological flow phenomena, both experimentally and numerically
Berhane Ghebrehiwet Professor  Structure and function of C1q receptors (C1qRs) in health and disease
Amirhossein Goldan Assistant Professor Dvelopment of ultra-high resolution brain PET scanner; solution-processed quantum imagers and photon counting hyperspectral x-ray imager for contrast enhanced mammography
Gregory Hannon HHMI Investigator Tumor suppressor pathways
Benjamin Hsiao Professor Design, preparation, characterization and application of nanostructured soft condensed materials
Chuan Huang Assistant Professor PET/MRI, machine learning in medical imaging, radiomics
Arie Kaufman Distinguished Professor Computer graphics and specifically computer graphics architectures, algorithms, and languages; visualization including volume visualization and scientific visualization; user interfaces; virtual reality; and multimedia
Yu Yulee Li Research Associate Professor Magnetic resonance imaging research on technical development and clinical applications: Image reconstruction for high-speed MRI data acquisition; Machine learning for clinical MRI reconstruction and post-processing; Real-time cardiac imaging for functional and anatomy examination; Blood flow and myocardium strain modeling from real-time cardiac MRI data.
Jerome Liang Professor Developing medical image reconstruction and processing technologies for computerized early detection, diagnosis and management of cancers and other diseases; virtual endoscopy, biopsy and surgery
Richard Lin Professor Physiological functions and pathological roles of PI3Ks
Richard McCombie Professor Developing databases, data-analysis tools, and user interfaces to organize, manage, and visualize that vast body of information
Lisa Miller Biophysical Chemist Study of the chemical makeup of tissue in disease using high-resolution infrared and x-ray imaging at the NSLS
Pratha Mitra Professor Behavior of complex biological systems, both from a mechanistic, physico-chemical perspective, and from an engineering perspective emphasizing function
Klaus Mueller Professor Medical, scientific and information visualization, visual analytics, medical imaging, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, and high-performance computing
Pavel Osten Associate Professor Automated microscopy and bioinformatics methods for whole-brain analysis in the mouse
Ramin Parsey Professor and Chair Imaging modalities to investigate psychiatric and neurological disorders
Scott Powers Professor Identification and functional characterization of cancer genes
Miriam Rafailovich Professor Surface and interface properties of polymer thin films, nanocomposite materials, phase segregation in polymer blends
Robert Rizzo Professor Computational structural biology
Joel Saltz Professor and Founding Chair Development of digital pathology tools, algorithms, methods, infrastructure support quantitative analysis; development of techniques and tools to enable deep integrative translational research of pathology; development of biomedical informatics methods and tools to generate actionable clinical phenotype information
David Schlyer Senior Scientist Development of multi-modality imaging
Jason Sheltzer Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Fellow Genetic differences between normal, malignant, and metastatic cells.
Kenneth Shroyer The Marvin Kuschner Professor and Chair Cancer biomarkers
Carlos Simmerling Professor and Associate Director Computational structural biology
Sanford Simon Professor Mechanisms of action of serine proteases and metalloproteases
Balaji Sitharaman CTO Functional nanobiosystems for simultaneous diagnostics and therapeutics (theranostics); multidimensional supramolecular biosystems for imaging, drug delivery and tissue regeneration; nanobio-interface devices for tissue regeneration
Steven Skiena Distinguished Teaching Professor Algorithm design and its applications to biology
Raffaella Sordella Associate Professor How do tumors become addicted to certain gene products, and  how do tumors develop resistance to anti-cancer drugs
Esther Takeuchi Distinguished Professor Cutting-edge research in electrochemistry, batteries and their intersection with human health
Kevin Tracey Director, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Individual mediators of systemic inflammation, and their regulation
Jared Van Snellenberg Assistant Professor Development of novel signal processing and statistical methods for pre- and post-processing of brain functional MRI data in populations with psychotic disorders
Chuck Venditti Senior Investigator Inborn errors of metabolism, the hereditary methylmalonic acidemias (MMA), and disorders of intracellular cobalamin metabolism
Wei Zhao Professor Development of novel detector concept and new clinical applications for early detection of cancer