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This training program consists of a two-way bridge for training students from the human-centered sciences (Economics, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Neurobiology and Behavior, and Sociology) in computer and data science coursework, as well as to train data science students (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics & Statistics) on how to address human-centered problems.

Ph.D. students from both the human-centered science departments and the data science departments will have their choice of focus. The Focus of Artificial Intelligence is open to any human-centered science student or Applied Math & Statistics student. The Focus of Human-Centered Data Science is open to both data science and human-centered science trainees. 

All trainees are expected to participate in at least 2 research practica (0-3 credits), where trainees and faculty across disciplines will collaborate on convergent data science research projects pertaining to bias in data, humans, and institutions. Trainees will be encouraged to participate in an optional data science intership as well.

The ideal time to become a funded trainee is around the time you advance to candidacy (the year before you advance, or the year just afterward).  This is because you need to succeed in your primary PhD program as well as in your NRT-related activities. Funded trainees in the human-centered sciences will be selected in their 3rd year; those in Computer Science/AMS advance earlier and are expected to become funded trainees in their 2nd year. Students may apply to become non-funded trainees at any time.