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A Faculty Perspective on How 2020 Will Change Us

Several SBU faculty are featured (two of our own Econmics faculty!) in   "A Faculty Perspective on How 2020 Will Change Us,"   part of the latest issue of Stony Brook University Magazine. Specifically:

  • Zebulon Miletsky, associate professor, Department of Africana Studies
  • Matthew Lerner, associate professor, Department of Psychology
  • Liliana Dávalos, professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution
  • David Wiczer, assistant professor, Department of Economics
  • Erika Honisch, associate professor Department of Music
  • Leonie Huddy, professor and chair, Department of Political Science
  • Crystal Fleming, professor, Departments of Sociology and Africana Studies
  • Gabriel Mihalache, assistant professor, Department of Economics

Read their predictions about what the next five years might look like   locally, nationally and globally.


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2020-21 Job Market Candidates!
Meet this year's  job market candidates.

Hispanic Heritage Month at SBU!
The Hispanic Heritage Month Latino Faculty Recognition Award was presented to our Chair, Hugo Benitez-Silva  on 11/2/20 at the annual SBU Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration.  This award honors faculty members of Hispanic/Latino descent who have truly served this academic institution, as well as to honor their contributions to the university and the students.  Congratulations and thank you for your contributions!

Giving Day a success!
SBU Giving Day fundraising campaign for Economics to promote undergraduate research has been successful thanks to the generous donations by our graduate and undergraduate alumni!  We couldn't have done it without them.  We appreciate their spirit of giving and encourage everyone to give.

Coming Back Safe and Strong!
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