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American Economic Review
Demography (PAA)
Demography (JSTOR)
Econ Lit
Economic Journal
Economic Theory
Economics Letters
European Economic Review
Games and Economic Behavior
IMF Staff Papers
International Journal of Game Theory
International Journal of Industrial Organization
Journal of the American Statistical Association
Journal of Applied Econometrics (Wiley)
Journal of Applied Econometrics (JSTOR)
Journal of Corporate Finance
Journal of Development Economics
Journal of Econometrics
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Journal of Economic Education
  Journal of Economic History
Journal of Economic Literature
Journal of Economic Perspectives
Journal of Finance (Blackwell/EBSCO)
Journal of Finance (JSTOR)
Journal of Health Economics
Journal of International Economics
Journal of Instrustrial Economics
Journal of Labor Economics (UChicago)
Journal of Monetary Economics
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Journal of Political Economy (UChicago)
Journal of Political Economy (JSTOR)
Journal of Population Economics
Journal of Public Economics
Labour Economics
Quarterly Journal of Economics
Review of Economic Studies (Blackwell/EBSCO)
Review of Economic Studies(JSTOR)
Review of Economics and Statistics

Working Papers

Department of Economics Working Papers

UC-Los Angeles
UC-Santa Cruz
Boston College
Carnegie Mellon
Cornell (Center for Analytic Economics)
Columbia University
Duke University
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Federal Reserve Board
University of Iowa
Johns Hopkins
Joint Center for Poverty Research
  University of Maryland
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri
University of North Carolina
Ohio State University
Oxford University
Princeton University (Industrial Relations Section)
Rice University
Rutgers University
Stockholm School of Economics
Queens University
University of Southampton
Tufts University
University of Wisconsin (SSRI)
Yale University (Cowles Foundation)