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Job Market Candidates

Information about our candidates on the job market for the 2018-19 academic year. 

Brochure of our current job market candidates 

Full vitae and additional information on each student are available from our placement committee.

Placement Director

Meta Brown
Associate Professor

Placement Administrator

Maryann Calvacca
Graduate Program Coordinator


fernandes Marcos Fernandes  [ CV]  [ webpage]
Confirmation bias in social networks and the folly of crowds
Field of Interest: Social and Economic Networks, Political Economy and Industrial Organization
Advisor: Yair Tauman

karpuska Laura Karpuska  [ CV]  [ webpage]
Budget Rules, Political Turnover and Disagreement
Field of Interest:  Political Economy and Macroeconomics
Advisor: Marina Azzimonti

liu Yijiao Liu [ CV]  [ webpage]
How will hukou reform change the city system in China?
Field of Interest: Urban Economics, Demographic Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Advisor: Mark Montgomery 

meloponce Alejandro Melo Ponce [ CV]  [ webpage]
The Secret Behind  The Tortoise and the Hare: Information Design in Contests
Field of Interest: Microeconomic Theory: Information Economics and Mechanism Design, Game Theory and applications, and Mathematical Economics
Advisor: Pradeep Dubey 

yeon Wonho Yeon  [ CV]  [ webpage]
How Does Education Affect the Housework Time of Husbands
Field of Interest: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Family Economics, Human Capital, Economic Demography
Advisor: Steven Stern 

zhangAnzhou Zhang  [ CV]  [ webpage]
R & D Race, Patent Licensing and the Social Value of Innovation
Field of Interest: Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Corporate Finance, Applied Econometrics
Advisor: Yair Tauman





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