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Computing and Data


Many faculty and graduate students conduct empirical analysis. This page briefly lists some resources available and provides links to on-line data sources and information about software used by members of the department.

The Datalab

Faculty and graduate students have access to the Social Science Datalab 24 hours a day.This computer lab is located one floor above the economics department in the Social and Behavioral Sciences building. The computer lab consists of 16 networked PCs (Pentium III-667; 256M of RAM; 20G hard drive; zip drive) equipped with stata,SAS,SPSS,Maple,Eview, Statistica, and Minitab as well as other statistical and office productivity software. Other resources include 4 HP laser printers,a scanner,and a CD writer.

The Datalab also houses a computer-equipped classroom with 25 PCs and an overhead projector. This classroom is convenient for courses requiring hands-on computer instruction and may be used by graduate students when it is not used for classes.

Finally, the Datalab also acts as the contact point for the university's membership in the  Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). ICPSR data sets are available on-line for easy access.

Unix Servers

In addition to unix machines administered by the University and used for hosting web pages, e-mail, etc., the Economics Department has access to two Unix Servers. The main faculty research computer is a Sun E420R four-processor server equipped with four gigabytes of RAM and over 100 gigabytes of disk space. Available software includes Fortran and C compilers, SAS, stata, Gauss, and Maple. Additionally, a Sun Ultra 1 is available for more limited use.


The following links contain information about software which may be of interest to students and faculty. Some of the documentation from other Universities may contain information about running a particular package that may not be appropriate here. However, all of the basic tutorials about reading and writing data files and performing statistical and econometric analysis should be relevant.

Other and Miscellaneous

Data On-Line