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HCDS Certificate  

Available to the following departments: Applied Math & Statitistics, Computer Science, Economics, Linguistics, Neurobiology & Behavior, Political Science, Psychology,  and Sociology. 

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Human-Centered Data Science 

This certificate will require 12 credits (four courses): two core DS/CS courses and two electives.

*Requires Python knowledge  **Instructor Consent Required

DS/CS Core: Both of the following

  • Algorithms: CSE 582: Computer Science Fundamentals: Data Structures and Algorithms
    •  Alternative: AMS 542 / CSE 548: Analysis of Algorithms or **AMS 561/DCS 521: Introduction to Computational and Data Science
  • Machine Learning: AMS 580: Statistical Learning
      • Alternative: *AMS 520: Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance or CSE 512: Machine Learning

Two electives chosen from the courses below. At least one must be outside of the student's home department and not cross-listed. Note that courses outside of the home department require permission of the instructor. Admission to this certificate does not guarantee instructor approval.

Courses outside this list may be used to satisfy the electives requirement with prior permission of this certificate program’s director.

*Requires Python knowledge

AFS 502: Research Methods in Africana Studies

AFS 533: Race, Gender and Globalization 

*CSE 564: Visualization (AMS and CS students require approval) 

ECO 522: Applied Econometrics

ECO 612: Computational Economics and Dynamic Modeling 

ECO 640: Labor Economics I

ISE 503: Data Management (AMS and CS students require approval) 

LIN 521: Syntax I           

LIN 523: Phonology I 

LIN 637: Computational Linguistics 2

NEU 534: Principles of Neurobiology

NEU 536: Introduction to Computational Neuroscience



NEU 537: Neurotransmission and Neuromodulation

NEU 547: Introduction to Neural Computation 

POL 633: Social Influence and Group Processes in Political Decision Making

POL 676: Advanced Topics: Methods I 

PSY 507: Meta Analysis 

PSY 513: Theories of Attention

PSY 520: Psycholinguistics

PSY 549: Prejudice and Discrimination

PSY 620: Bayesian Analysis

SOC 504: Logic and Practice of Sociology

SOC 556: Political Sociology

SOC 561: Cultural Sociology


In addition to the 12-credits, all students enrolled in the HCDS Certificate will have to complete the online Citi Training Module, "Human Research," (for 0 credits; students will receive a certificate of completion to document this requirement). 


How-to Enroll 

  • Acquire written approval to enroll in the HCDS Certificate from your Graduate Program Director (email confirmation will suffice)
  • Send the GPD confirmation to Coordinator, Kristen Kalb-DellaRatta (; include in the email your G-level status and the semester you started your primary program (for international students, please include approval from Visa and Immigration Services as well)
  • The Coordinator will facilitate acquiring the Certificate Director's Approval and submit the Permission to Enroll in a Secondary Certificate Program Form to the Graduate School on your behalf
  • To keep track of your courses, complete the HCDS Certificate Completion Form and submit the final signed form to the Coordinator upon completion of the certificate.

Contact Kristen Kalb-DellaRatta for more information and guidance on course selection.