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Three research practicum topics will be offered 2-3 times each during the course of this program as 0-3 credit, Special Topics seminars. As a trainee, you will enroll in at least two practica, where you will gain basic knowledge about current topics related to bias, conduct research with faculty and trainees from other disciplines, engage in collaboration, and present your work. The three rotating topics are: Bias in Data, Bias in Humans, and Bias in Institutions. These are expected to be collaborative and supportive settings, where trainees and faculty alike will have the opportunity to learn from one another.


Fall 2022 Research Practicum #1:

Course Class # Cmp/SCT Days Time Start_DT End_DT Bldg Room Instructor Credits
PSY 610: Seminars in Selected Topics #Detecting and Addressing Bias in Data, Humans, and Institutions 95830 SEM S02 W/TH 530-730 PM/10-12 PM 8/22/2022 12/15/2022 PSYB 126 Susan Brennan 0-3