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Research Practicum seminars will be offered every Fall and Spring Semester during the course of the project as 0-3 credit special topics courses (that can be retaken for credit). As an incoming trainee, you will start by enrolling in the Fall Research Practicum, where you will gain basic knowledge about current topics related to bias in data, humans, and institutions. The following Spring Semester you will conduct research with faculty and trainees from other disciplines, engage in collaboration, and present your work. These are expected to be collaborative and supportive settings, where trainees and faculty alike will have the opportunity to learn from one another.

Fellows (NRT-funded trainees) are required to participate in Research Practicum meetings for the entirety of their funding period (up to 2 years/4 semesters). Non-funded trainees are required to enroll in at least 2 seminars, but expected to remain active participants. 

All new-incoming trainees must enroll in the Fall Research Practicum of their application year. 


Fall 2023 Research Practicum:

Course: PSY 610: Seminars in Selected Topics #Detecting and Addressing Bias 2
Class #: 88955
Days: Fridays
Time: 9-11 AM
Start_DT: 8/28/2023
End_DT: 12/21/2023
Bldg: PSYB
Room: 126
Instructor: Susan Brennan
Credits: 0-3