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ATAS serves all undergraduates regarding transfer credit and transfer credit questions.  We also provide more in-depth advising to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, School of Communication and Journalism, and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

Students pursuing a major within the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) will be contacted by a CEAS advisor with details regarding the registration process. Please check your email frequently and respond promptly in an effort to expedite the process.  Any questions may be emailed to .

Incoming Transfer Students



You MUST complete all of these steps or you will NOT receive an appointment.

These steps include:

  1. Payment of your deposit on SOLAR
  2. Completion of the Advising Planning form 
  3. Creation of your Net ID 
  4. Lifting any SOLAR holds
  5. Submission of all your Health Requirements


What We Are Doing:

As you are completing the steps above, our office is working on manually entering your transfer coursework, reviewing course equivalencies, and identifying courses that may need additional evaluation.  In addition, we will be identifying which placement exams you must complete (if any) and contacting you through your Stony Brook email, with placement exam information.  Furthermore, we will be reaching out to your major department for course recommendations for SP’22.

More Information on Placement Exams


Beginning Mid-December

  1. Our office will start sending emails to students, on a rolling basis, regarding their placement exam status.  Please check your SBU email account.  Your email will tell you what placement exams you need to take (if any) with instructions for sign-up.  
  2. Upon completion of your placement tests, your scores are uploaded into your records (this take 2-3 business days).
  3. Approximately 1 week ahead of time, you will receive your assigned advising/registration date, time, and Zoom link through email.  Make certain to look at your Stony Brook University email account on a daily basis so you do not miss any important emails.

*You will not receive an advising and registration date if you do not complete your required placement exams.


Check Your Email

Email is important.  It is the primary way we will be contacting you.  Please continue to check your email.  We are talking about your Stony Brook University Email account.

About Your Advising and Registration Session


What To Expect At Your Advising and Registration Session
How to Have a Successful Advising and Registration Session
What to Expect After Your Advising and Registration Session